How to Clean Your Floors During Winter When Dealing with Salt Melt and Snow Removal

Winter’s icy grip often brings snow, salt, and slush into your business, leading to stained and damaged floors. The byproducts of snow and ice removal methods can cause irreversible harm to your floors, resulting in significant costs. However, implementing simple tips and tricks can help protect your floors from winter’s harsh conditions.

Snow and Slush Requires Diligence
Snow accumulation on sidewalks and streets inevitably finds its way indoors, creating slush that carries dirt and moisture. This poses safety hazards for employees and visitors, increasing the risk of falls and injuries. To mitigate this risk, consider the following steps:

  1. Provide mats and shoe scraping stations at entrances.
  2. Conduct diligent exterior snow removal to keep pathways clear.
  3. Contain and eliminate snow or slush brought indoors promptly.

Entrance mats and boot scrapers help remove snow and slush from footwear, reducing tracking indoors. Consistent external snow removal minimizes the amount of snow and slush brought indoors, making your business safer and more sanitary.

Salt Melt Can Be Harmful If Left Untreated
Salt melt is commonly used to accelerate snow and ice melting but can cause significant damage to floors. Its corrosive nature can lead to unsightly stains on carpets and deterioration of wooden floors. To address salt melt stains:

  1. Create a solution of warm water and white vinegar for carpet cleaning.
  2. Dilute white vinegar in water for cleaning wooden floors.
  3. Consider hiring a professional cleaning company for large floor areas subject to heavy traffic.

Professional cleaning companies use specialized products and techniques to combat salt melt stains effectively. They prioritize health and safety, guaranteeing support and satisfaction while upholding higher cleanliness standards.

Winter weather presents challenges for maintaining clean and safe floors in your business. By implementing proactive measures and seeking professional cleaning services, you can protect your floors from the damaging effects of snow, salt, and slush.


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