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Alcohol fogging

 This method enables us to reach difficult spaces. It spreads virtually over a 100% of the surfaces to achieve great results compared to conventional sprayer! It`s used for cleaning large indoors spaces, including offices, with environment friendly disinfecting agents.

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Sanitizing Surfaces

Sanitizing high contact surfaces

Now better than ever, we understand the importance of of keeping your environment clean and germ free. And it`s our main goal to protect you and your staff by using best disinfecting methods/products available.

Commercial Power Wash

Commercial power wash

we keep your outdoors free of dirt, leaves and debris build up


Carpet steam Cleaning

Using hot steam and pressure and when applied to a rug or carpet, it can help to break down dirt, grease, and grime. It can also kill dust mites and sanitize your rug.

Cleaning with a Mop


Speckless Clean Inc is committed to keeping your floors clean and sanitary . You can trust us keeping your floors shiny

Bathroom Cleaner

Thorough bathroom and kitchen cleaning

Clean and disinfect toilets, sinks and floors, restock supplies and take out the garbage


Complete vacuuming of every room

The cleanliness of your carpet has a direct effect on the air you`re breathing! Therefore, we ensure vacuuming all areas of your carpet not just the main one!



Dusting desks, pictures, baseboards, light fixtures and more

Cleaning Mirror

Mirror and window cleaning

removing all streaks and water marks using our environment friendly supplies



we take care of your light maintenance like changing a light bulb, fixing a clogged sink etc....

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You name it

Are you looking for a specific service that you don`t see here? well! We`re up for any task, just let us know!