Winter Carpet Cleaning Advice

As winter arrives, it brings with it increased foot traffic indoors, leading to dirtier carpets in your facility. Dirty carpets not only look unsightly but can also pose health risks, including skin rashes, allergies, and respiratory problems. Here are some tips to keep your carpets clean and maintain a safe work environment during the winter months:

Tip #1: Vacuum Regularly
Regular vacuuming is essential to remove dirt, bacteria, dust mites, and allergens from your carpets. Aim to vacuum high-traffic areas daily and other areas at least once or twice a week. Vacuuming should be done in multiple directions to ensure thorough cleaning, and don’t forget to vacuum under furniture and desks.

Tip #2: Treat Stains Promptly
Address spills and stains on your carpets immediately to prevent them from setting in. Use carpet stain removal solutions for specific stains like coffee or wine. For muddy stains, allow them to dry completely before cleaning. Scrape off excess mud, vacuum the area, and then treat the stain according to the appropriate cleaning procedures.

Tip #3: Schedule Professional Carpet Cleaning
Consider hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to deep clean your carpets, especially in high-traffic areas. Industries with heavy foot traffic should schedule professional cleaning quarterly, while those with less traffic can do so annually or semi-annually. Professional cleaning removes embedded dirt, allergens, and moisture that regular vacuuming may not reach, helping to extend the life of your carpets and maintain a healthy environment.

Commercial Cleaning Corporation offers professional carpet cleaning services for various industries, including corporate offices, medical facilities, schools, and houses of worship. With over 90 years of experience, we use advanced cleaning techniques to effectively remove dirt, stains, allergens, and odors from carpets while protecting them from damage. Trust our team to keep your carpets clean and your facility safe during the winter season.


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