Take care of your office carpets during the snowy season.

The winter months can take a toll on office entryways, with snow, water, and salt being tracked in after rain or snowstorms. Here are three effective strategies to minimize wear and tear on your carpets and keep them clean and fresh during the snowy season.

Start from the Outside
To maintain clean and pristine office carpets, it’s crucial to prevent outdoor elements from entering. Outdoor carpets and mats placed at entryways effectively trap dust, dirt, and moisture, preventing them from spreading throughout the office via employees’ and guests’ shoes and boots.

Proper snow and ice removal from office parking lots and sidewalks also helps reduce unwanted elements from entering your building.

Consider Temporary Mats
With the unpredictable weather on the east coast, planning around winter conditions can be challenging. Using temporary mats during the harshest winter months is a cost-effective and time-saving option to keep entryways clean and minimize damage to permanent flooring.

Temporary mats are easy to clean and designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, preventing permanent damage to your carpets. When selecting temporary mats, opt for washable options and ensure they extend a few feet into the building.

Stay on Top of Spot Cleaning
Despite preventive measures, some moisture, dirt, and salt will inevitably find their way onto office carpets. Performing routine vacuuming and promptly spot treating soiled areas can prevent permanent damage or discoloration.

By quickly removing dirt and debris before they become ground-in stains, you can maintain the appearance and longevity of your office carpets.

Undo the Seasonal Damage
After the winter season, let Speckless Clean Inc deep clean your carpets to restore them to their original freshness. With our comprehensive cleaning routine, we can eliminate any remnants of winter and provide you with a clean and refreshed entryway for your employees!


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